Cumbres Doce

Cumbres Doce is an investment Project located on a great boom-zone in downtown Cancun. It consists of five separate houses, surveillance booth and access control to the housing develoment.


The biggest challenge of the project was the location of the houses on a long strip of land which has a very narrow front and an extened deep with neighbourings on its three sides.


The solution was the construction of the main floor on the first level, and leaving services and wares at street level.


By doing so the main floor extends itself all through the land width, making bridges above the roads inside the whole development.


The floors location on the project are turned on so to look for the best orientation, assuring sunshine by the pool and garden and a natural crossed ventilation when opening the large windows.

Architectural Project

Sergio Orduña Architects




2009 - 2011


Grupo Inconture


Downtown Cancun, Mexico

Building Size

1835 m2


Daniela Rangel

Finished Projects